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Grand Theft Auto 4 Review!

2008-05-23 18:34:10 by BlackPlastic

Well Grand Theft Auto 4 has finally came out after being pushed back around 6 months past it's original release, and it was definantly worth the wait. Rockstar has taken a more realistic approach in this version which may be a disappointment to long term fans of the series, but overall was a definantly change for the better. There are also pretty good online elements and an extravagant well thought out story to look forward to.

The game play, like I said, is following the band wagon of some other games by trying to be a bit more realistic. This means no more fire truck or taxi cab side missions because a fire doesn't break out every few minutes in real life and I don't exactly don't know why they took away the cab missions. I really liked those :(. There are still side missions like delivering packages and catching criminals along with many others so don't think they took out everything.

The biggest affect the change made was probably on the driving though. You can no longer go full throttle through the streets in pretty much any car because turning will be near impossible. Even going incredibly slow turns are still really hard to make. It's not as bad as it sounds though because it's a very natural feel that you should probably get used to pretty quickly, unless your a fan of motorcycles because they are now pretty much useless in the game considering you fly off at the slightest crash, and you will get in a lot of crashes.

The story is probably this games strongest point. The new European stereotype character, Niko Bellic, is probably the most likeable character of any GTA game to date. The story is pretty simple being that you, Niko Bellic, has traveled to America to get away from his home country and live with his brother (and another reason that you will find out later in the game). America isn't as great as he had hoped considering he moved to a ghetto like liberty city so he finds himself doing crimes like murdering those who have troubled friend of his brother and spotting his friends as they make drug selling deals.

That would be the main storyline, but further in to the game you will find the story branching off into many side stories. I don't want to spoil anything but some involve high risk drug deals, organized crime, and even bank robberies.

Each of the friends you make have unique personalities that really keep the game interesting. Brucie is a steroid crazy mechanic, Packie is a stereotype Irish immigrant working with his family in organized crime, and my personal favorite, Lil Jacob, is a rastafarian drug addict who even with the subtitles on you can't understand a word he's saying. Like Niko, you will really become attached to some of the characters as most are very funny and likeable people.

The online in this game isn't exactly as good as you may have imagined. Of course the game is still better with it then without it, you will definantly rather be playing the story mode then play some of these mediocre online games.

One of the main things I'm not to fond of with the online is how game types are decided. It just works like, if you are lucky you become the host. That isn't really how things should work in a ranked game because people always screw up the games. Say you're playing with 5 people and they choose all of liberty to play on instead of one of the sub maps. You will spend minutes of boring wasted time trying to find an opponent.

And no, Cops n' Crooks, one of the most talked about game types, is not very fun at all. It's just a glorified team deathmatch. It works like one team is the cops and one team is the criminals, obvious, but the cops are trying to kill the criminals while they try and travel to a certain checkpoint on one side of the map then get into a getaway vehicle on the other side of the map. This could be a very cool innovative game type considering you can become a cop which has never really been done (I don't count the cop side missions). The idea was ruined though because the cops and the criminals are basically one in the same. The cops can't do anything that you can't do as a crook which makes the game type quite bland.

Anyways I found this to be an incredibly fun game. An amazing, well thought out story mode with likeable characters and fun side missions for when the game is done leads to a game you will be addicted to for quite some time. Some things, most considerably the online, isn't all what I expected though so I can't give it a perfect score but it is definantly a must buy for those of you with a 360 or a PS3.


Life update!!!

2008-05-15 17:24:18 by BlackPlastic

Any of you guys that have actually taken the time to read my past blogs would know that me and my family have gone through a lot of trouble selling our house in Florida to move to Texas. After around a year and a half of trying to sell our house, then trying to buy another house, we are finally settled in in Boerne, Texas hopefully for good. (The housing market in Florida is really that bad)

No more moving from apartment to apartment anymore. I'm finally in a house with a brand new desktop :D. This means I can start doing what I used to love to do again, going on newgrounds. I noticed when I came back to newgrounds that I lost around 200 audio reviews (probably from the ability to delete audio submissions) so I'm going to try and get back to my previouse review count as fast as I can, or at least get back to 1k.

Like I said in my last blog, I'm still probably retired from flash and audio for good since I really have no reason to do them when pretty much nobody likes them exept some spammers who've said they loved some of my newer submissions like summertime suicide, but those arn't really the fans I want to have. It seams like nobody on this site can truly enjoy a flash unless it has an intricate storyline and superior animation and art.

There is still one crisis I have to deal with from the move though. I need to find a way to transport my 2k+ iTunes songs onto my new desktop without using hundreds of blank CDs. If anyone knows how I can go about doing that help would be greatly apreciated.

That's all I got to say. See you all later.


2007-08-22 20:27:02 by BlackPlastic

Well ive been in the process of moving here for a while but its finally over and im in Texas just in time to start school. Things arnt completely over with since I'm living in a one room apartment and I'm 30 minutes away from where I'm going to school. In about three weeks from now I'm making another move from my apartment in san antonio to a slightly bigger condo in Boerne near where my school is. I will stay in there until my house in Florida sells which by the way it seams will take quite a while. I just want to get this whole ordeal over with.

But this isnt the first time I've lived in Boerne. I lived here like 6 years ago but moved to Florida because of a tranfer. But we were able to find a benefits managing job here for my dad so we jumped on the chance. I hooked up with a few of my friends from the 3rd grade, which was kind of awkward since everyone is a lot different but still kind of cool. So unlike all the other times I have moved (5 times) I wont start out school completly alone.

I'll still try to find some spare time in between school and other things for newgrounds, my first home on the internet. Probably never in the same amount that I have used to do but I could never say goodbye to this site permenantly. I will try to do some audio reviews here and there and defenintly some B/Ping every now and again no matter how corrupt the system is now.

And just so you guys know I am probably permanently quitting flash and audio. I had to switch computers with the move so I lost my.....completly payed for.....flash 8 and I dont feal like.....paying for it again, and no one ever liked my audios anyways so you probably dont care.

Like always I'll post again if something interesting happens in my life or if theres any updates on the move so keep checking back here

L33ve C0mnt$ PL0X

What is it with the stats section of the userpage. Its now in the very bottom corner, least place a person would look, and its incredibly small and hard to read. Back in the old design the first thing you would see is my immense review count and and deity whistle. Back then you didnt really have a choice but to see it. Now you have to freaking search for it and actually care about my stats to find it. And you cant even read your own reviews on the redasign. Whats up with that?

But Im pretty happy with everything else in the redesign. A better way to view movies and just an overall more attractive look to the site. The statwhores will just have to face that no one will notice the incredible numbers on their profile. Oh well.

Also, on a side note, I am movie from Tampa Florida to San Antonio Texas on the 29th. Normally I would be happy about this since thats where I have lived most of my life but since my god damn house hasnt sold I will be living in a small one room apartment with my dad and my brother my mom and dog stay at home waiting for the house to sell. Its going to be complete hell since me and my brother will be at the apartment for the majority of the time doing absolutely nothing. And on top of all that I CANT USE THE COMPUTER! What the hell am I expected to do. Watch tv?

So like I said I could be gone for god knows how long but I will post back once Im settled in at my new house with a laptop in my hands.