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Zodiac Tower Zodiac Tower

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I can not say this is the most original game of it's kind, nor that is is the best of it's kind, but I can say it's a decent and addictive game. The graphics were nothing amazing but that's better than overdoing it. The gameplay was very straitforward but still fun. There was nothing groundbreaking here but that's not always a bad thing.

There was some thought behind this game to try and make it more than a generic collapse game. What I'm talking about is the whole idea of needing to collapse certain blocks to get to the next level. You could probably have thought of something a little more orignal than that because I'm 100 percent sure that has been done before.

The levels were incredibly tediouse. You tryed to change the game up a little bit every level to make it not too boring but you failed horribly at that. No matter how many small additions you make to the game in each level, it still fealt like I was playing the same level over and over again. When it's a chore just to finish a demo do you really think anyones going to buy the full version.

This game was well executed but I wouldn't recomend it to anyone. Why? Because it's been done thousands of times before, exept much much better. Try to be more original in your work if you ever want to make money off of it.

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Hobo Brawl Hobo Brawl

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Although this was a great game that was very fun with many great aspects to it, it could not live up to the game you were blatantly trying to imitate. The graphics were great and everything, probably more realistic looking than that of dad n me, but it wasn't very fun to look at. Dad n me had many different areas and even some interactable environments. This was mostly just on a boring street.

Another quality that made dad n me great was that you fealt really powerful. Though I have nothing wrong with a good challenge, the enemies in this game had to much health to a point where the fighting was just boring, tediouse, and long, but not at all hard.

Something this game did right that other games of the like didn't, was the combo system. Having the unlocking system for combos was a great idea, and the only part of the game that kept me wanting to play instead of exiting out and finding something more original. Although most of the combos were unnecisarily gross and would apeal to more of a younger crowd, I guess some might find them funny. I however didn't and would wish you would make the combos more original as opposed to just making something randomly gross.

Although this game isn't the most original thing in the portal, I cannot say it was bad. The animation was great, the humour was incredibly stale (yet some might like that), and although it's not better, it can live up to dad n me. Try using your skill as a game creator to actually make something original next time and you could really make something great.

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SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the great review!
To be honest, I think this game was quite original. Show me another game where you can throw up and shit on your enemies and I'll shut up. The gmaeplay-style was maybe not so original, but hey come on, Dad 'n Me's gamplay style was definitely nor original either!

This was the first time I've tried to make a game like this, so in truth I am not THAT skilled as you might think, but making this game has taught me a lot of new stuff and I will hopefully make some better stuff in the future.

Thanks again!

:the game: :the game:

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I do not add much to my favorites anymore, considering it's basically pointless, but this game was so fantastic I fealt that I had to. Good Humour is practically non existent on this website (videogame parodies arn't funny), and all though there were a few of those videogame jokes I've come to hate, this mostly relied on well thought out intelligent humour otherwise known as irony.

In practically every level I found myself thinking "that's so true" or "he's totally right". That doesn't really happen that often, especially on this site. What this game lacked in graphics it definantly made up for in intelligence.

My personal favorite level would have to be capitalism. What I got from that was the more money one company makes, the faster they will make even more money and the slower others will make money. Cool how a flash can get you thinking like that.

The one thing that constantly anoyed me through the game though was that you couldn't jump standing still, then move sideways in the air. Yes I know that's a very small issue but for some reason it really bugged me.

Anyways this game was very well thought out, very interesting, long lasting, funny, and had fantastic animation. This deserves to be in the top 50 in exchange for some shitty sprite flash.

Frantic Frantic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


One of the better forward scorlling shooters if you ask me. The game was very longlasting and had some great boss and enemy designs. The powerup and shop system were very cool and was a game that some would definantly want to come back to.

There were very few problems in y oppinion but I was not to fond of the graphics and animation. For example, the small grey dots in the background that you put there to heighten the feel that you are moving forward were going way to slow. In fact, at the beginning of the game I thought they were bullets which is definantly not something that should happen.

Speed was another thing that needed to be tweaked. What made classic games like galaga so popular was that they were very fast paced and kept you alert. The enemies and even the bullets in the game moved quite slow which made it very very hard to get hit and no one wants a game to be to easy. Not to mention the point orbs moved the same speed as the bullets so at first glance they are one in the same.

With pretty much all games on Newgrounds, you need to realise nobody wants to sit down and play a single one for 30 minutes. With that you need to make sure that someone doesn't need to play for such a time to experience all the important aspects of the game. Looking at the prices of everything in the shop after the first level was a turnoff for the game. Infact I believe only one powerup was allowed to be bought after the first level. Not a good thing.

Even considering all of those factors, this game was nothing close to mediocre and should definantly be something that you're proud of, good job.

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Splitter Splitter

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Although the graphics were a little bland, and the idea was simple, I had a lot of fun with this game. The physics were for the most part really good and different from the norm and the level designs had plenty of originality and differation from eachother. It was no where near a perfect game though.

The main problem I had was the physics in the game. It's obviouse that this game is mainly based around the physics so you really want to get that right. If you had to fix one thing with the physics though, it should definantly be the rolling of the ball. If there are no obstacles on the ground then it can just keep rolling without slowing down, no matter how fast it started off rolling at. That's not the way the game should be. Try to make it so the more time the ball spends on the ground, the slower it starts to go.

The graphics were another downer for the game. I mean it had a white background, what could possibly make you think that was a good idea. Just slap some unique backgrounds in for each level and it could really make a difference in the game because the graphics got quite repetitive after a while.

There are still other thing you could work on like trying to make the ball move faster and make all the objects less heavy to keep it more interesting but what I mentioned would be the most important things to change. This game definantly has the potential to be amazing.

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SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2 SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


What you did in this game was very complex but you pulled it off very well. You went beyond just making a small pick up and play type of game and made almost a story mod type of thing. Unlocking songs and guitars provided fun for quite a long time. There was really no point in adding pro mode though because the songs arn't even possible, they really arn't.

The dificulty in this game is completly out of whack. The notes you were required to hit wasn't the hard part though, it's just that if you didn't hit the note EXACTLY at the time it passed the bar it wouldn't register. In the harder songs it was almost impossible to keep a streak going because of this. What you need to do is open up the window of time for hitting the notes by a lot and give you bonus points for hitting the note close to the bar.

As much as I loved the voice, he did talk way to much. He is cool to hear the first time you go to pages because it just makes the game seam really epic but I don't want to hear the same sentence every time I go to the main menu or pick a song. You should program it to only play once each page and not keep repeating itself because it does get very anoying.

Overall, this game was very good. It has to be one of the most in depth rythem games on the site. You should definantly be proud of what you have here but there is a lot of room for improvement. I would love to see a sequel that works on the problems I listed.

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Block Out Block Out

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It was a good idea but the game really wasn't anything special. I really liked how the screen would turn, it kept you on the edge of your seet and thinking.But it was horribly short and didn't have any high score board or anything to back it up so after you play once, there really isn't any reason to keep playing.

You really need to add more songs and make this game longer. I mean the one song you had didn't even play the full length of the track. Make about 5 to 10 more songs and make like different difficulties for them. You know what I mean, easy medium hard and expert kind of thing like what was done on the metal freaks series.

The game screen was a little bland to look at. Like I said the shifting of the screen was pretty cool but that was the only nice thing to look at. Put in some coloring or something. Just looking at a black and white screen isn't very pleasing.

I noticed the game was a bit glitchy as well. I would always hit practically every note but a lot of the time it would refuse to register and my score multiplier would go back to one. I don't know what you did there but you need to fix the score multiplier if you want the scores in this game to mean anything.

You had a great idea here and you really shouldn't let that go to waist. The contest may be over but that doesn't mean people don't care about rythem games anymore. I would really love to see a sequel in the future.

Music Catch Music Catch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Something about this game just seamed really epic. The music was very relaxing and you actually did a pretty good job of shooting out the notes according to the rythem. The gamepaly wasn't to bad, it took little strategy or reaction time but I don't really have a problem with that because the game is just something you can kick back and relax to while playing.

If I could change one thing in this game, I would make it longer. That is by adding more songs possibly and make harder levels. Possibly once you get further into the game the notes start shooting out all around you instead of just on one side. You should still keep the mode you have on the game right now though so you can utilize the high score board.

Anyways this was a great game. It wasn't exactly the funnest game to play but it was epic for many other reasons and I really think you should expand further on this games idea. Good job.

Line Runner Line Runner

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This game had a very good idea but it wasn't executed very well. It was fast past nae exciting to play but that is what kind of made the game bad. It turned into a game of sheer luck which is the worst thing that can possibly be done with a game.

The most important change that should be made is one that will take the camera back. It is way to close the your charecter here and that makes it so you only have about half a second to react to a land mine thing and the paint brush can't even move that fast. Let us see far ahead of us. This NEEDS to be changed.

A lot needs to be changed with the paint brush to. First of all, why was it constantly shaking? Are we supposed to enjoy that because I sure didn't. It just further made the game about luck. I also don't know why we could only go up and down. I can't plan ahead if you can't draw the line around things because I am forced to only two directional moves.

Anyways this game had a lot of potential butr you just looked past some majour details thinking people wouldn't care. Well people do care and you passed up a chance to make a really legendary game. What can I say though, it was still entertaining the way it is, it could just be so much better.

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Super Ninja Super Ninja

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is one of the funenst most innovative action games I have ever played. Ever. It was incredibly fun to just swing around the area from platform to platform and having one web on an enemy then slamming him down to the ground could provide for hours of entertainment.

With the amazing physics and controls I was really saddened to see how bad the levels were. You just picked up coins and killed enemies. Is that really the best thing you could think of after making these awsome ninja abilities. I woul love to kill bosses and do stuff like that. Still doing pretty much anything in this game was fun.

I also have one suggestion that would make the controls so much better I think. Instead of using the keyboard to launch your hook I think using your mouse to aim and shoot would be much more natural. And if you do that you would want to make it so that you move with the WASD keys and possibly shoot your attack web with the space bar and jump with the W because I think this would be more natural and fun.

Judging by the time this was submitted I doubt you will ever make the sequel you promised in your comments, but if you do come back and read this know that people do want it very much.