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The Happening Review!

2008-07-13 23:48:51 by BlackPlastic

It seams like M. Night Shyamalan was brave enough to come back and make another movie after his not too great movie "Lady In the Water". Did this break his streak of bad movies? Well I've never been to big of a fan of his movies, I've seen a few and they were either hit or miss. I can not just say this movie was either good or bad because I know that this is one of those movies that will have quite mixed reviews but I personally thought it was a good idea presented badly.

The idea behind this movie was the best part of the movie. I was proud of M. Night not just going with the cliché aliens or paranormal deals but actually making a very well thought out, and actually possible, twist. Basically what was going on was the trees in northeast America evolved to a point where they released toxins into the air that would apparently make people kill themselves in self defense from being chopped down.

I can honestly say I was not to fond of the idea of it making people kill themselves because like in most of his other movies, it's just an overused cliché that I'm definitely getting tired of, but hey, it's not like he could have made an interesting movie where people just dropped dead.

I also thought it was pretty weird that the trees only released the toxins for a day then abruptly stopped. Some "scientist" at the end of the movie said that it was just a warning from mother earth. Believing that trees can make us kill ourselves is out there enough and now they want us to think they have enough of a conscience to make "warnings". I know this is not supposed to be completely realistic but that's just over the top.

The acting was definitely a downside to the movie. Other then Mark Wahlberg you've probably never even heard of any of these actors, I know I haven't. The acting wasn't bad to a point where people were monotone or anything like that but they had a very hard time capturing the fear of the situation and sucking you into the story. Also there were child actors in the movie, that's all that even needs to be said. Listening to that kid try and be "tough" just made me cringe.

So should I go out and watch this movie (or buy the DVD mattering on when you're reading this)? Well like I said earlier, this movie will definitely get mixed reactions from people. If you are maybe a fan science fiction type movies or movies with an apocalypse theme then you might like this. If you are a die hard M. Night fan then you won't be disappointed. For the rest of us, you will probably think it a very average movie in every way and for those people, I would not recommend it.



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2008-07-14 00:51:28

Good review, but are your flash reviews good? Let me check.


2008-07-14 00:53:03

Okay I checked, and they are good. GOOD FOR YOU!! now plz review on my movies! plz!


2008-07-21 20:10:32

Nice review.