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Megadeth - United Abominations Review!

2008-05-26 11:37:53 by BlackPlastic

After Megadeth was disbanded back around 2000, people never thought they would ever be as strong as they were in the Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction days. I'm still yet to get The System Has Failed album but I'll tell you this much, United Abominations is easily the best Megadeth album since the 90s.

This album's lyrics are heavily based on things like war, politics and religious extremism. You can really tell in every single song, this band is genuinely angry. The song Washington is Next! shows deep hatred for our executive branch and songs like United Abominations just go crazy on the United Nations. Then you have tracks like You're Dead and Pay for Blood which are just unrelatedly angry. This isn't some half assed album that you might expect from a band this old. The songs are really deep and well thought out.

Chris Poland, who was the guitarist for Megadeth for when Peace Sells came out, reunited with the band to create The System Has Failed but left shortly after the album's release. The new guitarist Glen Drover is doing just fine in the band. None of his solos really stand out but he gets the job done.

The riffs in this album are really going back to the older stuff. I was pretty disappointed after buying Risk and The World Needs a Hero because the band just seamed like they had no idea what they were doing anymore. The riffs in Gear of War and Washington is Next! are some of the best the band has to offer. If you aren't going to buy the whole album you got to check out those two songs. You will be pleasantly surprised by Megadeth's comeback.

When it comes to pure thrash, the best song would be either Play For Blood or Amerikhastan, both of which have over 10 trade-off solos between Mustaine and Drover. Believe me there are plenty of other songs with solos then will destroy your ears but in my oppinion, these would be the best.

I noticed one thing that just didn't seam right with this album though. They made a remake of the popular song À Tout Le Monde from the Youthanasia album. The song clearly made improvements from the original and is unarguably better but the song itself just seams out of place. It's a soft, emotional song crushed between 10 thrash songs and I just don't think should be on this album.

If you are a Megadeth fan, whether you're obsessive or just like some of their songs, you should definitely buy this album. If you are new to the band and interested in buying some of their CDs, I would still recommend the CD but you may want to first check out some of their other albums to familiarize yourself with them. Anyways it was a great album, pleasant surprise for a band so old.



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2009-04-18 11:30:56

I have an original 12 inch Rust In Peace vinyl.

Best album they've had so far, imho. I can't wait for their new one.